Pension schemes and the evolving Retail Prices Index 

The Retail Prices Index is widely used to determine pension increases, but for many years statisticians have raised concerns around flaws in the way it is calculated.  This webinar will explore the Government’s proposed changes to the RPI, and the wide-ranging impact this will have on pension schemes.

When: Wednesday 25th March 
Time: 2pm - 2.45pm (including Q&A session) 
Webinar dial-in details to be provided upon registration


After successive Chancellors kicked the can down the road, Sajid Javid announced a consultation on aligning the Retail Prices Index with the Consumer Prices Index, to be launched alongside the March budget. 

The proposed changes will have a wide-ranging impact – many members could see their pensions reduced by around 1% in each and every year, and some scheme assets could fall in value by more than 20%.  

Our webinar will explore what this is likely to mean for your scheme. Even if you have CPI-based pension increases, it’s likely that your investments will be impacted, and so action may still be required.

During our 45-minute webinar, the following speakers will explore these key issues to consider:

  • Mark Alexander, a Principal and Scheme Actuary at Buck, will provide the highlights of the proposed changes and explore their impact on members and scheme liabilities.
  • Arron Slocombe, a partner at law firm Baker McKenzie, will provide an update on the key legal aspects to consider. 
  • Carl Hitchman, a Principal in Buck's investment team, will assess how markets have reacted and outline what changes to investment strategy should be considered.

There will be plenty of time for questions at the end of the session to explore any of your burning issues.

We look forward to you joining us at 2pm on 25th March. However if you find yourself unable to dial in, we will circulate a recording of the webinar to everyone who has registered.



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