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Buck’s 2021 pensions conference season

It’s been a hard day’s night for pension schemes of late. But we’re here to give you the help you need. So let Buck take you on a magical mystery tour of a range of pensions hot topics - with a little help from our friends, the Beatles.  

All webinars from this series are now available on-demand, using the links below.  

From Tuesday 15th June to Thursday 22nd July, Buck hosted a series of 12 webinars across six weeks, on a variety of topical pensions themes, all of which are now available to watch on-demand. Select 'view' to find out more about each session, and download the replay.

Pensions conference season webinars

Date of
Session title
and theme
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Tuesday 15th June “I want to tell you”
Q&A panel discussion with The Pensions Regulator
Thursday 17th June “I don't want to spoil the party”
COVID-19: Is it the end for longevity swaps?
Tuesday 22nd June “We can work it out”
How to overcome the practical difficulties and get your GMP equalisation project moving
Thursday 24th June “Come together”
Pension scheme governance and diversity: Change is coming - are you ready?
Tuesday 29th June “What you're doing”
Enabling members to make informed choices regarding their scheme entitlements
Thursday 1st July “Revolution”
Scheme funding in a changing regulatory environment
Tuesday 6th July “All together now”
DC scheme consolidation and its impact on trustees
Thursday 8th July “It won't be long”
How to best prepare your pension scheme for its endgame
Tuesday 13th July “Any time at all”
GMP equalisation and past transfers: Don't bury your head in the sand
Thursday 15th July “Act naturally”
Net hero? How to protect your investments from ESG risks
Tuesday 20th July “Tomorrow never knows”
Inflation fears: Hype or a real concern?
Thursday 22nd July

“Every little thing”
Data journey plans and pensions dashboard readiness






About the series

These webinars were live and originally took place between 15th June and 22nd July 2021.


Each recording is between 40 minutes and one hour long, and ends with a Q&A session where our speakers answered audience members' live question submissions.


You can now watch any of these webinars at a time that suits you, by clicking on the 'view' recording links. 


If you have any questions about the conference series, please email us at