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Planning for your employees’ retirement: How to design a DC plan that adds up

Most employees plan to pay for their retirement using defined contribution plan savings, but they’re worried about being able to save enough. We’ll discuss how to optimize your plan design and communications strategy so plan members have greater confidence in their ability to fund their retirement.

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Employees and employers both agree that a competitive retirement package is a top consideration when evaluating their total rewards package. But in a new survey commissioned by Buck, only 27% of employees were confident in their ability to save enough to cover expenses in retirement.

What can employers do to enhance their plan design and close the savings gap so participants can prepare for retirement with confidence? New provisions in the SECURE 2.0 now offer opportunities to enhance plan offerings and, critical to the success of any DC program, is an engagement strategy to encourages participants to take action.

Our speakers discuss:

  • Key findings from the survey, including employee and employer perceptions of today’s retirement benefits
  • Strategies to improve the effectiveness of your plan so participants can accumulate adequate savings
  • Communication tactics to help your employees plan and prepare for retirement

About our speakers


Jim Danaher is a Principal in Buck’s Wealth practice and a member of the investment team. His experience includes strategic plan design, ongoing plan management, sponsor outreach, and employee engagement strategies to improve plan utilization.


David Eisenberg is a Principal in Buck’s Wealth practice and leads Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) services within the investment team. David is a frequent speaker at investment industry conferences, primarily on topics related to investment manager selection and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing.


Donna Westervelt is a Principal in Buck’s Engagement practice and works with clients on developing employee communication strategies. Donna has extensive experience communicating changes to retirement benefits programs to inform and educate plan participants.


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