An actuarial perspective on asset return assumption and why it matters for public pensions

The average expected return on asset assumption has been on the decline in recent years. Join us for a discussion on the role actuaries play in determining this assumption, the rules governing these opinions, and the impact on pension liabilities.

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Volatility in interest rates and market returns have had major impacts on capital market assumptions over the last few years. This trend looks likely to continue as we head further into 2022. From an actuarial point of view, how does this impact the expected return on the asset assumption setting process?

Our speakers will discuss:

  • What are the actuarial standards of practice and how do they guide actuaries in reviewing assumptions used by pension plans?
  • What are the tools available for actuaries to use?
  • Why does getting the assumption right matter?

We will allow time at the end of the session to address audience questions.

About our speakers


Kevin Spanier, ASA, EA, FCA, MAAA | Kevin is a Principal and public pension actuary in the Wealth practice and consults with clients on all areas of plan design, administration, plan document interpretation, benefit calculations, contribution strategy, and financial reporting and disclosure requirements. He is a frequent guest speaker at conferences, leading educational sessions on actuarial topics.


Charis SnelChris Snel, ASA, EA, CFA, QKA | Chris is a Director in Buck's Wealth practice and specializes in defined benefit and defined contribution plan consulting and administration, as well as pension risk management. He has extensive experience with funding, accounting, and CAS actuarial valuations and projections, non-discrimination testing, experience studies, asset/liability management and plan design strategies.


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