Rethink your approach to workforce reductions using supplemental unemployment benefit plans 

From streamlining processes to supporting employees, we’ll discuss how employers can use supplemental unemployment benefit (SUB) plans to reduce costs and better manage the severance process.

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COVID-19 is shifting business and economic conditions, driving many companies to consider organizational changes, and for some furloughs or workforce reductions are unavoidable.

SUB plans offer a compelling alternative to traditional severance plans. In addition to generating savings, these plans can also give organizations the opportunity to redirect funds to help support impacted employees and manage the severance process with compassion. 

Our speakers will discuss:

  • What is a SUB plan? 
  • How a SUB plan works, including how it compares to traditional severance programs
  • The benefits of using a SUB plan for both employers and employees
  • The process steps for implementing a SUB plan

About our speakers

Joe Kane-1Joe Kane | Joe is Executive Vice President at Total Management Solutions (TMS) and serves as chief client strategist. With more than 20 years experience, he has implemented SUB Plans for a number of Fortune 500 employers, as well as smaller companies. His background includes advising on employee benefit and executive compensation strategies, tax research and planning, and M&A.  

Mary Roth
Mary Roth | Mary is a Principal in Buck’s Compliance Consulting Practice and has extensive experience implementing SUB Plans for employers including a number of Fortune 500 and other companies. Her background includes consulting on federal, state, and local tax laws and regulations.

Gage Stille
Gage Stille | Gage is a Principal at Buck and leads the workforce reshaping offering, managing a team of consultants serving a wide range of employers’ workforce needs. His background includes HR and benefits consulting and prior to joining Buck he worked for several Fortune 500 companies doing HR strategy and M&A work.

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