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COVID-19: Is it the end for longevity swaps?


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Covered in this session

The impact of COVID-19 on population longevity and the possible future trajectory of longevity, with an emphasis on what trustees and scheme sponsors should be thinking about now.

This session will include: 

  • Background impact of COVID-19 on population longevity
  • Possible future trajectory of longevity
  • Recent longevity swap market transactions (with an emphasis on the past five years)
  • The cases for and against longevity swaps in the current environment; a mini debate style segment 
  • What should trustees, scheme sponsor be thinking about now?
    - Unwinding current swap?
    - Enter into swap?
    - Wait to see future longevity patterns?
    - Adjust their own reserves?
  • Guidance for participants on approaches to take to managing longevity risk, including alternatives to swaps for small schemes.


Howard Kearns, Longevity Pricing Director at Insight Investment

Mike Bartlet, Senior Consulting Actuary (Buck)

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