Innovations in HR: How to make an impact on your people’s wellbeing in 2021

After a challenging 12 months, we know that the wellbeing of the people in your business remains a top priority. To help kick start your 2021 strategy, we’ve partnered with five innovators in their field to bring you a series of TED-style talks to help you plan what to tackle in the year ahead, as well as offer practical insight into how to achieve real results.

Ensuring the right programme of wellbeing support for your employees has always been the cornerstone of a successful benefit and reward strategy – and never more so than today. But are you – like many others – thinking that it’s time to stop talking and to take action?

Join Buck on Tuesday 23rd February for five 15-minute sessions looking at innovative and practical ways you can improve the lives of your people in 2021. Our fantastic range of guest speakers and topics for this event include:

How do you help your employees become more financially resilient?
Stephen Watson, Head of Proposition at Cushon, will share their latest research on workplace savings. This insightful session will help you to understand where the gaps are between what is offered by employers and what is needed/wanted by employees.

Understanding how the ‘why’ fundamentally changes the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of employee surveys
Ryan Tahmassebi, Director of People Science at Hive HR, shares his experience of helping clients understand why they’re really asking the questions they’re asking in surveys. And how challenging why you want to know the answers fundamentally changes what you ask and how you deal with the results.

If what gets measured gets managed, measure first, before you manage.
Jason Brennan, Director of Leadership and Wellness and Wrkit, shares a case study of a business embarking on a wellbeing strategy for the first time but unclear where to start. Through measuring and understanding their starting point, Jason will explain how they delivered meaningful and appropriate content and information to tackle specific issues. (Instead of trying everything and hoping it worked.)

Menopause support at work – what can be achieved?
Max Landry, founder and CEO of Peppy Health, brings to life how the right strategy can make a meaningful difference to your people through tools and support for females going through menopause.

Winning the hearts and minds of your people
Andy Moffitt, Principal at Concert, a Buck company, shares the latest tips and tricks to help your 2021 communication strategies really resonate. We’ve all heard about top-down versus bottom-up; but how can this have a meaningful impact on how you engage with your people this year?

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