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Expect more from your employee benefits technology: Presenting Delta+

Broadcast date: Tuesday 28th March 2023

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Is your current technology solution frustrating, causing an unnecessarily complex user experience for both you and your people? Or perhaps you are one of the 50% whose company uses three or more independent platforms to manage employee benefits? It doesn't have to be this way. This webinar demonstrates how Buck's award-winning, all-in-one employee benefits platform can benefit you.

View this webinar to:

  • Hear the latest insights on employee benefits technology, and how it is evolving
  • Learn about total reward statements and the art of the possible with employee benefits technology
  • See a demo of the Delta+ platform, to demonstrate how it can empower your employees, streamline your benefits administration through automation and help you maximise your benefit spend with advanced analytics
  • Hear responses to the live Q&A session



Ed Smithson | Principal and Head of Client Technology at Buck

Ed leads Buck’s client technology business.  He is responsible for the design, delivery and ongoing development roadmap of Delta+, Buck's award-winning proprietary global benefits administration platform.  Ed has worked at Buck for eight years, and within the employee benefits industry for over 25 years.


Alex Dunning | Senior Client Technology Consultant at Buck

Alex specialises in multi-national total rewards solutions at Buck, helping employers communicate the value of rewards to their people.  He has developed strong client relationships during his five years at Buck, acting as the lead for some of Buck’s largest global clients.  

Hollie Nairn | Client Development Lead at Buck

Hollie’s role involves supporting our new and existing clients with new offerings and initiatives to support their overall benefits strategy. Prior to her recent move to Buck, Hollie spent ten years working within the insurance industry.   During this time she developed her specialisation in employee benefits, managing relationships with clients of all sizes: from micro-SMEs and start-ups to global large corporates and everything in between. 

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