Practical ways to improve employee wellbeing in a remote world

We invite you to join Buck, along with experts from YuLife and Wrkit, for a 30-minute recorded webinar looking at how to ensure the wellbeing of staff during periods of change and disruption, as well as tips to help your workforce retain a positive mindset.

Broadcast date: Wednesday 22nd April 2020

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As we readjust to our ‘new normal,' HR and Reward professionals across the UK are having to reimagine how to deliver meaningful ways to help employees whilst they adapt to a new working environment. For many, working remotely and without daily contact with team members or line managers will have been tough.

We teamed up with two brilliant speakers to bring you practical and easy-to-implement ways to ensure your employees’ wellbeing in these challenging times.

In this 30-minute webinar you will hear from YuLife’s CEO on how he’s worked to ensure the wellbeing of his staff, both in terms of supporting them in their personal lives and being there for clients. We were also joined by a trained and professional psychotherapist, who will share easy-to-adopt tips to help keep a positive mindset.

Sammy Rubin – CEO and Founder of YuLife
Currently the CEO and Founder of YuLife, Sammy was also the founding CEO of PruProtect (now known as VitalityLife). He brings a unique perspective as a CEO focused on ensuring that the people who are fundamental to his business are thriving in their new environment, while also delivering solutions to HR and Reward professionals which help them achieve the same outcome for their business.

Jason Brennan – Director of Leadership and Wellness at Wrkit
Jason’s impressive CV includes considerable time spent as a psychotherapist and as best-selling co-author of the book Win: Proven Strategies for Success in Sport, Life and Mental Health. He has extensive experience working with elite sports teams to implement practical and easy ways to improve mindset in order to improve performance. He is also trained and has experience in the emergency services sector, offering him an added perspective on the current pandemic we are facing.  

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