Digital suite:
A catalyst for change

Our integrated technology solutions equip organizations with the tools they need to promote employee wellbeing and drive growth. 

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Learn how our engagement, analytics, insights, and integrated delivery options can help you manage your HR and benefits programs and your workforce. Our market-leading digital suite works seamlessly together or can be delivered as three distinct offerings:


bEngagedaggregates multiple programs and multiple platforms from multiple vendors into a single view, so it’s easy for your people to use their benefits and make informed decisions for their physical, financial, and professional wellbeing.


bEnabled™ allows you to streamline your plan management, configuration, and analytics, and includes tools for case management, knowledge management, interactive chat, carrier interfaces, and system administrator reporting.


bEquipped™ offers both the front-end user experience for the individual as well as the back-end data aggregator, and predicts the likely impact of program design changes, communication outreach, and even market forces — and then measures actual impact over time by being the eyes and ears of your workforce.

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