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Our pharmacy team will perform a complimentary review of your specialty pharmacy spend based on your Pharmacy Benefit Manager's (PBM) annual report.

You'll receive a summary of potential savings opportunities during a 30 minute discussion session. 

Our team includes pharmacists, actuaries, data analysts, and health and welfare consultants who have extensive experience designing cost-effective, clinically sound pharmacy benefit programs.

Take action to control your specialty pharmacy spend with Buck 

By 2022, 50% of prescription drug costs will be for specialty medications, with some costing $500K annually. What can you do to combat these trends?

Four strategies to help you control costs

  • Use data to secure competitive pricing and terms with PBMs
  • Monitor your health trend in real-time so you can address issues quickly
  • Audit program and vendor performance
  • Provide support for employees managing chronic illnesses to improve care outcomes
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