A better balance:
digitisation and
data in the future
of reward

A two-hour seminar looking at how organisations can harness the power of digital solutions to achieve greater transparency across reward, enhanced workforce wellbeing, and a redefined social contract with their employees.


Thursday 21st March 2019
Buck London office
160 Queen Victoria Street
London, EC4V 4AN
8:30 am - 11 am
Breakfast and registration from 8:30 am
Speakers from 9 am
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Rapid changes in markets and workforces are throwing the employee-employer relationship off balance. Organisations need more from their employees yet lack the resources to pay more. Individuals are facing growing obligations that hamper their ability to perform at their best.

Something has to give; a better balance has to be found, that results in greater individual financial wellbeing and improved organisational results. By combining new ways of thinking with innovations in technology, businesses can do more to produce healthy, sustainable and productive working environments.

Informed by the findings from our latest global research, a select group of thought-leaders will facilitate interactive sessions exploring:

  1. Digitisation & automation - uncover the benefits of using technology hubs to consolidate information
  2. Workforce analytics & insight - look at how organisational data might be used to support evidence-based decisions
  3. Personalisation of services & products - consider the future of targeted information and artificial intelligence

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